Desert tours from Fez or marrakech to Merzouga

Merzouga is an amazing small town exist in the east of Morocco it’s a desert City.

Merzouga is calls also city of Erg Chebbi, If you are thinking to book our marrakech desert tours 3 days to discover the ​​desert dunes that covers 22 kilometers long and 5 kilometers wide where the dunes reach up to 150 meters high from Marrakech or from Fes . Merzouga is one of the most visited Sahara cities in the countrie, this being its main tourist attraction. In addition the climate in Merzouga is continental, with very high temperatures during the summer growth to 50° and low during the winter to 20° .We advice you to visit oudesert tours from Marrakech to Merzouga to explore the  best sahara of Africa.

Coining Fez Blue

The pottery room in Dar Batha Museum is definitely the museum’s highlight. A groundbreaking technique was discovered by craftsmen during the ancient times; using cobalt to create what’s known today as ‘Fez Blue’.

The pottery room has an astounding collection of ceramic objects that were crafted by Fes artisans some centuries ago. A unique and detailed flower pattern motif that represents Morocco’s eternal artistic obsession with handicraft. The cobalt blue is highlighted by white enamel. Visiting this place on Marrakech to Fes desert tours 3 daysis definitely going to be worth it, as you’ll be discovering one of Fes’ most favoured places.

Fes’ timeless collection

An astonishing collection that can be considered as practical tools in nature but fulfil a decorative purpose within the museum. A functional and stylish collection that compete to grab everyone’s attention. And they have done so – amazingly.

Morocco – and Fes in particular – has always been a place of creativity, art, and tiles. You’ll have the wonderful chance of delighting in amazing samples of wrought iron, carved wood, and sculpted plaster.

A complete collection of ancient coins is featured in the museum, along with stunning jewellery pieces and illuminated Qurans. And since Morocco is a place of diverse art, you will also see antique instruments that look like they have brought great joy during their times.

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