How To Turn A Novice Into A Master Traveller With Cheryl Grover

Nobody is a master in anything. People always start from a first step and they go to the top. Everyone experience and then learn. A few abroad experiences, proven rules and standards, local guide help a novice to become a master. The travel aficionado mind is full of errors, silly mistakes, cultural unawareness and missed buses.

But even after all of these if you stick to your goal and can prove yourself completing all of your bucket list ten you will be proven to be a good traveller. So that nighties traveller always leaves the learning, lessons and experience for the novice so that they can follow their lead and learn from their predecessors.

The golden rules that can make you a master from a novice are:

  1. Book ticket 3-4 months prior:

You always have to book your tickets at least 3-4 months prior to your trip to ensure that everything is ready. Also it’s an assurance for the traveller so that he does not have to think about it later.

  1. Book a group travel package:

Always choose your tour package from best holiday packages provided by the travel agency. It’s better to book a group package rather than solo or duet because it’s cheap.

  1. No-fee ATM card:

Every bank has a rule of charging for fee when you’re taking out cash from your ATM card. They always have limitation on the amount of money and how many times you’re taking the money. But while traveling you cannot keep track of taking out the money. It may cross the limit and then you have to pay extra. So it’s always better to get a no-fee ATM card.

  1. Carry cash:

You never know if you’re a getting a ATM machine nearby or not. Or some places do not take credit cards. So keeping some emergency cash is always important.

  1. Get vaccinated:

Everywhere you travel, is a new place which you don’t know much about. It can be an insect bite or some local diseases. So always get your vaccinated done before visiting a new place.

  1. Taking pictures of luggage:

It’s really important to take pictures of your luggage. Otherwise if it is lost you will have trouble to find it.

  1. Take power bank:

You may not get a charging point everywhere. Also in long road journeys it’s not at all possible to charge your phone. So you must carry a portable charger with you.

  1. Avoid taxi:

Unless and until you really need it, don’t take the taxi anywhere you want. By taking a taxi only you are going to waste a lot of money. So it’s better to take local transport or transportation provided from the hotel.

These are the golden rules that has stated by the masters who have been in many vacation. Even Cheryl Grover abides by these travel rules. These rules will help you to make fewer mistakes and save some bucks. You will be learning more when you will travel but following these points will save you from more harm.

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