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It can be thrilling when you are about to visit a place that you have not been to before. Maybe you have only gathered facts about the spots from magazines, blogs or television shows. Some things will strike you, and you can make your plans while you are visiting the places around you. The most important part of travel is how you plan and manage your time for each spot that you are visiting. If you are at Melbourne and wondering what to do, then here are some of the suggestions that will help you figure out how to chalk out a list of places that you can be at when you are in Melbourne, Australia.

Interesting things you can do in Melbourne –

Check out the Astor theatre – The Astor Theatre in Melbourne is a fascinating place to be in Melbourne because it is merely an Art deco. The theatre has been actively working since 1936 and if you are known for its vintage charm and a classic ambience. The theatre plays films with 35mm 70mm and other formats too. You can find the show tickets at $14 on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. So, if you are a fan of cinema, you can make sure that there is no second thought about visiting this place in Melbourne.

Take a trip to Yarra valley – If you are in for some wine and some scenic beauty and to connect with nature, then you must pay a visit to Yarra Valley. The place contains farmhouses, vineyards and green hills; one can spend a relaxed time and winery restaurants that are considered one of the most fantastic food destinations in the country. You can also find dairy products at Yarra valley, and one must try to have the cheese along with the wine and check out HotOzCoupons for discount coupons for fantastic offers.

Melbourne’s laneways – The laneways of Melbourne are one of the most popular places to visit. There are numerous coffee shops, boutiques on the streets. If you are fond of shopping and you are in Melbourne, you must go to Degraves Street and Flinders street station.  You can find the famous artist Banksy’s art around the streets of Melbourne. The laneways remain populated people keep pouring in to enjoy the atmosphere of the laneways.

Eateries – Melbourne can be a great destination for all the foodies. If you are thinking about experiencing all the delicacies in Melbourne, then there are great restaurants to be. Few restaurants that one must not miss are – Tonka, The press club, Jimmy grants, Hannah’s and Fonda’s Mexican. This list keeps going and covers all kinds of dishes from all around the world. If you are planning to catch the food at Melbourne, you better at these restaurants!

Catch the sunrise – You are just in for the best view of the morning from the Hot air balloons that not only fly over the countryside but also over the cities of Melbourne. One can experience great deals and discounts in prices with HotOzCoupons. One can live each moment of the sunrise from an altitude where it will look astonishing, and there are surprising ways that one can make use of discount coupons on these Hot Air Balloon rides that are like no other.

The Historical sites – the historical sites of Melbourne many churches, convents and other monumental places but among them stands the Abbotsford Convent that was once a laundry farm, orphanage and old age facility. At present the area is utilised by artists, broadcaster and people usually go and hang out in those places, and it is a great spot to explore as well. The convent, known for its gothic architecture and it is a great place to wander around casually. This is definitely a necessary visit if you are visiting Melbourne.

The fashion flavour – The city of Melbourne is famous for its fashion industry. You can find the top brands at Melbourne along with their showrooms. You can see popular Australian Brands that are great and stand among the most famous brands of all times. There is a wide range of fashion clothing and accessories available in Melbourne, and one can easily make the best out of their shopping lists when they are at Melbourne.

There are simply great things to go when you are travelling to Melbourne, but you must check out online sites like HotOzCoupons for offers and discounts while planning.

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