The United States Immigration Process and the Various Visas

The immigration process, in accordance to its definition, is concerning the moving of people into different locations. But, to immigrate in terms of more modern, refers to the moving of individuals from one country to another, mostly for the reason of wanting to start a better quality of life in the United States.

Many steps

The US immigration process has quite a few steps as well as many different kinds of status that US immigration authorities might grant. If anyone wants to apply for United State Immigration status, the individual will have the choice to apply for a Visa, a Green Card or US Citizenship. Each Visa has its responsibilities, benefits as well as eligibility necessities. But no matter whether you are applying for a Green card, US Visa, or Citizenship, however, you must apply with the USCIS that is the US Immigration Authority that Overseas Immigration in the US.

United States Visa

This US Visa allows the holder to enter the United States and legally remain in the US. There are many types of US Visas:

  • B-1 Business Visa
  • B-2 Tourist Visa
  • F-1 Visa for Students
  • J-1 Exchange Visitor Visa
  • H-1B (Work Visa)
  • H- 2B (Work Visa)
  • K-1 (Fiancé or Fiancée Visa)
  • NAFTA (Work Visa)
  • S (Work Visa)

The majority of Visas have many restrictions and expiration dates. If for example, you have a B-2 Visa, you are not eligible to work in the United States. It is very important to obey any restrictions and limitations of your United States Visa or you can be deported from the US.

Green card


A green card can grant you permanent residency in the United State and this offers you more privileges and advantages than a Visa. Anyone holding a green card can freely leave and enter the United States, as long as they keep a residency or a home in the United States. Also, a green card gives the holder the right to reside, live, work as well as study legally in the United States.

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